Replaying an existing layer via hotspot

I am building a slide with an image that consists of 10 parts. One represents a correct answer to a question on the slide and the other 9 are incorrect. I have 10 hot spots built in on the base layer. When the correct image portion is clicked, a layer appears to acknowledge that the user is correct.

If any other hot spot is selected, layer 2 appears letting the user know they answered incorrectly and asking them to try again. I reproduced all of the hot spots and triggers on layer 2 so that they can continue until they get the answer right.

The problem is that if any of the 9 incorrect hot spots are clicked on layer 2, the image is static. In other words, my layer doesn't replay its animations (fade in) so the user wouldn't know anything has changed. 

I set the layer's properties to 'reset to initial state' when revisiting. However, this did not change anything.

Has anyone had experience with this functionality and is there a way to recycle this layer or would I have to essentially build 10 layers to achieve the end goal?

Thank you!

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