Replaying Storyline 360 slides doesn't display all elements properly

Apr 27, 2020

After developing three separate Storyline projects and publishing a SCORM package to embed in an LMS, viewers (including myself) who go through the final materials are seeing various elements display incorrectly when we replay any slide that contains a screencast.

Details about my machine and setup:

  • Dell laptop with Intel Core i7 vPro 9th gen
  • Windows 10
  • Connected to strong wifi with no problems
  • Publishing SCORM 1.2 package 
  • Using Storyline's built-in recording feature to generate the screencasts

Specific problems: screencasts play fine the first time but all subsequent views show a video without typing happening (e.g. text being input into a text box) and elements like arrows, shapes, etc. used to direct attention do not display at all or are shown in a different place than they're supposed to. This happens in previews, Review 360, and the LMS. We don't host files on a separate server. 

Can anyone help point me in the right direction to troubleshoot these problems?

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