Report Status to LMS does not change to complete

We are using Storyline 360 and since 2 months I am running in problems with the status "complete" at the end of the course. 

If some users (not all of them) reach the end of the course, the status is not changing to "complete".

The actual user was sending following informations to us: 

Course Finished – press exit but doesn’t update that it was completed
Windows 10

The LMS which is using is Talent. They told me, that their system doesn't receive the message "completed".

The courses are published to SCORM 1.2., HTML5 with Flash fallback, LMS Reporting Passed / Incomplete. Tracking: all slides must be viewed.

Not everybody is having this problem! The courses are running well for 50 % of the users - that is the inexplicable thing

Any idea to help me? Thanks



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David Tait

I tested it and the LMS displayed Passed and Complete. The reason I suggest this is mainly to test that the LMS is receiving the message from your course.

If the content is locked down, and it isn't possible to reach the final slide without having viewed every slide, then if it works in your test, there's no reason why you couldn't use this approach instead of tracking based on slide views equalling a certain number.

Out of interest, is there a stray slide anywhere in your .story file that the learner never reaches? I know I've been caught out by this before. The time I encountered this I had a slide dedicated to resource downloads. The slide wasn't in the running order and the learner had to jump to it by clicking a button on the interface. If the learner didn't visit the resources slide they technically hadn't viewed all of the slides so the LMS didn't mark the course as complete.