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Hi all.. situation.

My marketing team has a 1 hour video that new business partners need to view to be eligible for a certain incentive program. I can embed the video easily enough into Storyline. My issue is, is there a way to report from storyline into our LMS (absorb), how much time a person spent watching the video? Could I put some sort of variable on the timeline in certain spots that would increase some sort of counter for every 5 minutes or something, and somehow pass that variable to a "score" in the LMS?

Any insights would be helpful.

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Jim,

What about requiring them to view it in it's entirety? You could set it up so that the slide won't advance until the user has met a particular condition such as "media completes" or adjust a variable at the end of the timeline?  

You also mentioned tracking variables, and although they're not reported to an LMS, there is a method here to do so - although it's more for text variables or T/F. 

Hope that helps - and other community members may have additional suggestions!