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Jun 26, 2014

In Storyline I have a training and assessment program with 6-sections and want to amend the titles for the LMS printed Results reports.  The learner prints the Results report after each completed section plus a total cumulative Results report is generated and printed when all 6-sections are completed.  How do I change the Results report title for each section and the cumulative Results report in Storyline?  Currently, the printed report titles are Results, Results.

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Tom Mcdonough


I’ve seen the reference you are suggesting (customizing the printed results) but find nothing about amending theTITLE of the RESULT report in Storyline. The reports I print, at the top, they say; Results, and below the Name& 2nd/3rd row (Date/Time-Student Score-Passing Score-Result)we see Results again.  I’m interested in amendingeither of these Results statements to the section/module title.

Also, in your reply, I’m a bit confused.  You stated; “Please note it's something supported by Articulate but . . .”.  I’m not sure what this means .  In another Forum post I thought I read thatchanging the Results report title is something that “Articulate DOES NOT SUPPORT”.

I’ve messed with the report.html and understand changing the columntitles and columns – basically, to see or not to see.

It seems to me the TITLE of the RESULT report should be able to be edited.  We plan to administer many eLearning modulesto multiple groups at various locations by technically savvy appliance trainers& facilitators but one thing they are not interested in spending any timeon is sorting thru the volume of training/assessment reports to determine whichone they are looking at.  Logically,without a result title, my trainers/managers/facilitators (and learners) have no way ofknowing what report they are reading.  Inmy mind, report titles are very important – it quickly defines what report youare looking at.

If editing/amending a report name is not a Storyline feature, it shouldbe.

I do have a work-around until this is clarified and will use it whiletesting/reviewing before we go live with our Certification Assessment.  On the section result page (pass and faillayers), I’m telling the learner, in the “Print Name” field, to also key in the nameof the module they have just completed.

Thanks in advance for your reply,

From an E-Learning Heroes new guy.

(Yikes, did I kinda make a poem?)


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Tom,

My apologies - it looks like I missed the word "not" in my reference to it not being supported and I've edited my post.  Typing too fast some days. 

I don't think you're alone in wishing this was a feature of Storyline, but currently this is by design, but we welcome and encourage your feature requests!  Also no worries on the spacing - happens to me too sometimes when I copy/paste from Word. Our team is currently working on some enhancements to the Heroes site and I hope to see some better text control options as well. 

Also, I love a good poem on a Friday afternoon - keep it up.

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