Reporting a score in 360

Jun 27, 2017

Hi I am using 360 HTML5 output in Moodle.

Reporting a score from a results slide is working.

But I have two results slides and need to report one or the other depending on circumstance.

So I decided to set up a third results slide and set the score to that new slide one or other score depending on a variable called 'Set2' like this:

Submit results 'results slide a' when timeline starts if  Set 2 is equal to True

Submit results 'results slide b' when timeline starts if Set 2 is equal to False

Thing is that when I ask the output to report the score from this new third results slide it does not work.

Any ideas?

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Phil Mayor

It won't work because the results slide that can report is set on publish and although you have triggers to report results they are tied to the results slide and how you choose to publish.

I really wish your way worked it gives a dynamic way of reporting scores.

This should help to report the score

The key thing here is to ensure that storyline cannot overwrite the score when you close the course.

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