Reporting a Weighted Cumulative Score to an LMS

I've created a course that has mutliple quizzes and remediations if you fail a quiz.

I have created many variables to give me the weighted cumulative score.  I have the score worked out perfectly, however now I don't know how to report it to the LMS to track.  Do I have to use the stock "%results#scorePoints%. 

It seems like I only have these options to choose from:

 I am tracking and reporting the score, but they get a complete status regardless of their score.  That's why I have a passing score set to 1%.

Can anyone help me?  Any and all suggestions are appreciated.

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Dennis Hall

Hi Salicia:

Originally, I thought you were trying to replace the ResultsScorePoints or Percent with your score, however, you mention the completion status as well. Are you trying to have your custom score replace the original score AND achieve completion status only when the user passes?

Also, what format is your custom score presented as, % (i.e. between 1% and 100%) or numeric (i.e. between 1 and 200)?

To complete a course means to view the said number of slides required to gain the completion status (i.e. 60 slides viewed of 60 = completed). Completion status is separate from scores. You can have 100% on a quiz, yet still have incomplete for slide views.

Can you clarify?

Best Regards,

Dennis Hall