Reporting a whole number to an LMS


I have an issue with publishing of a Storyline course (SCORM 1.2) to a particular LMS. For some reason this LMS does not like the fact that Storyline publishes scores with decimal points. So, a score of 75.56% is actually seen by the LMS as 56%, or not seen at all. As a result when a user passes the course quiz they are often reported as failed.

Is there any way to get the quiz score to always be a whole number - 76% in the above case, for instance. Could this be accomplished by somehow manipulating a manually created variable and forcing it to be reported to the LMS as the score?

The course recognises the decimals and reports back fine in SCORM Cloud and our own LMS, but not in the clients, so it's quite a frustrating glitch to encounter.

Thanks in advance!


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Michael Hinze

I ran into this issue once and ended up using a custom variable that was populated wit the Results.Score, which was then passed to JavaScript that removed the decimal points (using the 'toFixed()' method) and passed this score on to the LMS with the lmsAPI.SetScore() function. Not ideal, but it did work for me.