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Hello everyone,


I have an assessment I created and I need it to report to the LMS we have, currently the only 2 options I can find are #1: report completed if user visited all slides or #2 passing score of X%. I can have the student "print" their results, however, I have not found the way to have the results page be one of the reporting factors. 



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Anna Liu

Hi Melissa,

Welcome to E-Learning Heroes!

With regards to your question, you may publish results page to LMS by doing the following:

  • Click Publish -> LMS tab -> From Output Options click Reporting and Tracking Options
  • Click Tracking tab -> Tick Track using quiz result
  • A drop-down list is also available if in case you have multiple results slides (You can only choose 1)

Also including this document for your reference. Hope this helps! 

Melissa Rojas

The issue here is my project is not a "quiz." I have a survey; I can have the individuals print the results. However, the option to track their answers is what I need. By following the recommendations listed above, I am only able to track if the individual completed the task or not. Is there a way to track the results?

Crystal Horn

Hi Melissa.  Your survey results slide will be able to send that data to your LMS.  Here's what data Storyline sends out with the results slide.  If you publish for SCORM 2004, you'll get the question and answer text, as well.

Anna asked a good clarifying question - that reporting would be handled on the LMS side.  Have you had a chance to publish and test in your LMS environment?

Leslie McKerchie

Hello Carolina,

You would need a result slide for sure, but you do not always need a Submit button.

I see you were asking questions here as well, so please feel free to share your .story file if you'd like us to take a look.

A great way to test whether an issue lies within the project or the LMS is to test using SCORM Cloud as a comparison.