Reporting and Tracking Quiz results in the LMS

Jun 22, 2016

Hi All

I am using SL2 ; when I have a course with a test I need our LMS to report the following

Completed/Incomplete - When the test has been taken (regardless of whether the learner passed or failed)

"Credit" given: when the Learner passes the quiz - this is a function in our LMS

Score Achieved: View the actual score achieved by the learner

I have been informed by my LMS admin that we can configure our LMS to obtain the above as long as the published file I provide communicates the relevant information

I can see how to achieve the first 2, from the Reporting and Tracking options I select prior to publishing the SCORM1.2 output.

What I cannot see though is how to communicate the score - is this done automatically as the tracking is done using the result slide?? or is there something else I need to do to ensure the achieved score is reported to the LMS




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Christie Pollick

Hi, Patricia -- Thank you for reaching out with your question! If I am understanding your question properly, if you have set your course to track based on the results slide, the score should be transmitted/communicated to your LMS when the results page appears. Please also feel free to take a look at this information on Publishing for LMS and also this info on Viewing and Tracking Content in an LMS,  and let us know if you have any other questions! 

Patricia de Souza

Hi Christie - Thanks for your response. I had already come across the info you linked to, and although very useful doesn't quite answer my question! - ie we would like to run a report from our LMS to show the actual quiz score achieved by our learners... not just that they passed/failed - so my question is: is the  score achieved by the learner logged so that our LMS can pick it up? or does it only track whether the score was over/under the pass score set



Christie Pollick

Hi, Patricia -- Thank you for your reply and as noted in a similar discussion over here, "it may be a bit complicated to pass the actual points to the LMS. It'll depend on the LMS and carrying that data over to it. You may want to take a look, or join in on the following discussion thread: Passing actual score (points) to the LMS." It could also be helpful to reach out to your LMS directly for their insights on reporting actual score/points/percentage, as well. 

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