Reporting conditional results

Aug 29, 2016

I am using variables to direct allow users to

A. Select a specific role or roles inside the training

B. Be directed to the appropriate (sometimes overlapping) scenes

C. Be directed to quiz questions based on their role(s)

I have created 4 discrete results slides to cover each possible combination of questions.

Understanding that I can pass only 1 results slide to an LMS, can anyone suggest efficient methods for pushing the appropriate pass or complete record to an LMS without burdening the user to answer some "fluff" question at the end? 

Thank you.

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Jacqueline Silva

Thank you both for the ideas. I ended up using a combination of things:

At each of the 4 possible results slides, on the Success layer only,  I set a trigger to move to a short survey question when the timeline started, effectively hiding the initial result slide if they passed the quiz.

I followed the directions you provided for the short survey slide to create a "pass" text variable, and both adjusted the variable to set the answer to that "pass" variable and submitted it when the timeline started, effectively hiding that slide as well.

I then created a 5th results slide to follow the survey question congratulating the user and when publishing, sent the results of that 5th slide to the LMS.

Works like a charm. :)

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