Reporting Feature In Storyline

Hi All,

I just thought of potentially a useful feature but am just wondering if it already exists? I was wondering if Storyline has a feature built-in that can give you reporting information for the Story. I mean things like variable readings (for JS modified/created variables etc), current slide information such as number, activity type etc and just other useful slide information that may be specific to the browser and what is/what isn't supported by Storyline in the particular browser that you are currently in (e.g I've been informed that the JS print feature doesn't seem to work in Chrome). All this information would be really useful in a "Report-Like" summary that can sit statically over the slides, like a absolute html div and can be turned off at will or just by running a non-reporting 'story.html' file.

This would be very useful for developers doing some interesting things with Storyline, and it would save us time from having to re-export Storyline multiple times to remove any inbuilt reporting text boxes and fields that we are running when it's time to submit a work preview to the client.

If this exists, it would be extremely useful to me.


Brodie Greig

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