Reporting issue in LMS


could someone help with the following?


I have just tested a Scorm 2004 (3rd edition) Storyline based module that was built in my dept. 

I took it the first time with a 60% score.

Then I decided to take it again, to check whether the LMS (CSOD) would take into account a better score as we are tracking the best score for all participants. The second time I took it I got 100%, but this isn’t what CSOD registers in reports. CSOD only registers the first attempt, which is problematic when it comes to running reports and having to deal with participants that say they had a better mark than the one we highlight.


Can you help identify what’s going wrong as this is important?


I remember (from one of my previous tickets to CSOD) someone from CSOD saying that the issue is in the completion criteria for the course being “viewing the final slide of the course, and not anything related to the score”. Consequently, he said “once the course is marked complete, the score on the transcript is locked. When the course is attempted again, the user’s score will be saved on the module’s details page”, not in reports.


What I don’t understand is that when I publish the module, I set the tracking to be against the results slide, which has a passing score of 90%.


Has someone been confronted to this before and could you share the fix?

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Xavier Voilquin

OK because I wanted to move on I have uploaded the course on cloud.scorm.

I have taken it twice to see if the same issues occur as in CSOD.

1st try: got a 80% mark, success is "failed" (because course set up with a 90% pass mark), but status is "completed" (???)

2nd try: got a 100% pass mark, success is "passed", status is still completed.

see attached...

So my first guess here would be that the reason why CSOD (our corporate LMS I'm having trouble with, see my initial post) picks up the first attempt score only, is because the course is considered as "completed" even when the score is below the pass mark.

Anyone with an idea how to set up a course in Storyline so that it's not considered as "completed" until the pass mark is hit ?

Help!! Thanks!

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Xavier,

If you're tracking your course completion through viewing the final slide (i.e. a total number of slides), then the completed status you're receiving is correct. You'll want to set the tracking to track completion by the results slide, so that when the finish the quiz it'll indicate if they've completed the course (by taking the quiz). This troubleshooting article may be something you'd like to review, and you may want to use the setting Passed/Incomplete. Your LMS should interpret an incomplete differently from a Failed. A Failed status should move a course to the transcript and typically this means that the course will be in review mode moving forward which means any attempt will not be counted. If you set the status to Incomplete, that means that a failed quiz should only be interpreted as an incomplete and allow the user to retake the quiz until they pass. 

If this does not change what score your LMS receives, and  since it's working as expected in SCORM Cloud, you'll want to connect with your LMS team on how it handles scores associated with multiple attempts.  

Xavier Voilquin

Thanks so much Ashley.

Yes, the bug was that we were setting the option as "passed/failed" which caused CSOD to consider the module as complete even though the quiz was failed, and thus CSOD taking into account the first result only in reports when we were tracking the individual  best score.



billa ravindra

And it is working fine in both moodle and scorm but few users is not working properly and sometimes in scorm cloud also showing passed when user got less marks and i added the following scenarios. And  user draws 10 questions out of 55 from the question bank. So, please kindly help me in this asap.

  10 questions in exam (and all 10 need to be answered)
“user passed exam but showing up as not passed” which he says shows that the content says he passed

User says he has taken the exam around 3 times and is sending screenshots of scorm showing a passing score 
Attempt 1 – he got and answered 10 questions
Attempt 2 – he only got 4 questions of which he got 2 wrong
       3.     Attempt 3 – he got and answered 10 questions

     4. Attempt 4 – he got an answered 8 questions of which he sent a screenshot of scorm saying he passed with 80% but in Moodle we see he only answered 4 questions correctly out of the 8

     5. Attempt 5 – Support ultimately took the exam for the student and passed it.