reporting lenght of time connected through lms

Hi all,

One of my customers is using several LMS. His issue is that the students are not disconnecting or pausing on the LMS and the reporting of total time spent on the e-learning never stops, thus giving unusable figures (i.e. 25 hours spent on a 6' module). My first reaction was to address the LMS as to my opinion the issue is ssituated at that level. However, my customer would like to know if it is possible to set-up a pause button or similar in the module that will stop the time running in the LMS. I've never done so but I would be interested to know how I could do that and if it's actually workable.

In case someone has got some experience, please let me know.


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Patrick MORIN

Many thanks Leslie,

I realize I didn't answer sonner. Sorry for that. True that it's mainly related to the LMS but the timer option in Storyline clarified also. I guess proprietor LMS are not always performing a high compatibility level except when you use their suite.

But anyway, we'll do our best.

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