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Hi!  :)  I have created a Final Exam in Storyline.  The entire project is a final exam with a results slide at the end.  When my users take the exam, it reports properly to the LMS on the first attempt, but the subsequent attempts do not report.  For example, one learner took the exam and failed on his first attempt.  When he re-took the exam, he passed, but the report on the LMS still says Failed.  How can I fix that?  Thank you!  :)

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Teresa Donnelly

Here's the answer I got from my LMS.  I'm not sure what to look for, or if Storyline has this ability.  

I do not want to bounce you back and forth but CourseMill does not automatically submit the ‘Failed’ variable.  This value would be coming from the course.  I am not sure with Storyline but with Lectora, you need to program the course to submit a Failed value.  The course should be leaving the status as Incomplete. 

With SCORM, Failed and Passed/Completed, are viewed as permanent values so once those values are submitted, CourseMill will not update the score should the student retake and improve their previous score.  This is intentional for scenarios when it is a ‘one-time’ chance like a certification.   For your situation,  the course should remain at the ‘incomplete’ status.  CourseMill will record and allow multiple attempts up until the student reaches the mastery level. 

Hopefully that make sense.  You need to find where Storyline is getting the Failed value and change it.  Again, in Lectora , you would just delete that command.  In reviewing the Storyline community boards, it looks like they have 2 options for status.  You can use 1) Completed/Incomplete or 2) Passed/Failed.  If that is the case, change to the Completed/Incomplete option.

Brian Allen
Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Thanks Brian for sharing that information here and Teresa if you need any additional information on how the Storyline course is communicating with  the LMS you may want to review the information here, and look at testing in SCORM Cloud and even enabling LMS debug mode to see the information that is being sent back and forth.