Reporting Multiple Learner Completions to an LMS

Hi All, I've been doing a search through the discussions, but am not seeing what I was hoping for.


We currently have several (7 to be exact) standalone courses that contain almost all of the same general knowledge content and then some learner/role specific content.  We need to update the courses and add additional general and role specific content. We are trying to move from multiple standalone courses for each role into a single Storyline course with a scene for all of the general knowledge that all roles need and then paths/branches for each learner. At the end of each learning path/branch, the learner would then take a quiz made up of questions from the general knowledge scene and questions related to their specific role.



We would like to be able to report out for each role in the LMS. Currently, we are using Success Factors. Is there any way to report out completions for individual roles (in this case the different branches) from a single Storyline course?

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Robert,

Storyline can only report on one results slide or completion setting, so the general quiz and the individual quizzes would need to be tracked by a master results slide to combine points or require a learner pass them all. (You can read about these two options here.

What may work for your needs is to add in a question that has the learner identify their role, and when you choose to export or sort the data within your LMS, you could use that answer as a category to sort on.  I'd suggest reaching out to your LMS admin for ideas or suggestions on how data can be exported and organized!

Let me know if you have any other questions on what Storyline can send to your LMS.