Reporting not correct with courses with multiple quizzes in them rolling up to a final result slide

I have a course that is basically full of different quizzes. It is broken out into 5 parts, each part has 5-6 short quizzes each with their own result slide. Then each part has it's own result slide that tracks the completion of each part. The results slides that are used to track the completion for each part, are then used in the overall result slide that tracks course completion. 

The pass/fail reporting in articulate online is working correctly, but now i have lost all of the data of how the user answered. 

I need to be able to keep the functionality of the course, but still see how users answered. Any suggestions you have are greatly appreciated! 

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Monica, 

I don't believe if you're using a master results slide that is tracking other results slides that you'll be able to see the overall answers for each individual one. You may want to look at having that master slide track all the quiz results and use that to report to Articulate Online.