Reporting on difference in Pre/Post tests

Hi all,  

Our client has asked to have a pre test and a post test in one module of eLearning.  They would like to see the difference between the two reported in the LMS.  

Is this even possible?  One of my team said that this can be done in Moodle - but I wasn't sure about Storyline - or if it's dependent on the LMS.

It'd be great to hear your thoughts,

Thanks, Andy

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Allie Munro

With my understanding you can only send graded tracking information to an LMS using SCORM per SCO. Tin Can however can submit multiple quizzes from a single SCO.

This might be something you want to look at. I however am not sure how this works within Storyline.

I would recommend that your PreTest and Quiz are created as two separate Storyline files. Then in your LMS put them both in one course, In your LMS you can have one SCO be graded (Quiz) while the other is not(PreTest). Your LMS will still see the results for both. You should be able to create a link within your pretest module to Open a URL (Your Quiz course) and then have a trigger that closes the PreTest Module.