Reporting on free text box in storyline 3

Oct 05, 2018

OK so I am using storyline 3
I have a survey and a quiz in my course
However in the survey there are mainly Yes/No answers but if they answer Yes they need to provide further details in a free text box
So in the slide view I added a free text box, how do I get the information that the end user put in the free text box.

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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Michelle.  To report survey answers to your learning management system, you'll want to use either short answer or survey quiz slides. When you track those question types with a results slide, the learner's input will be communicated to your LMS.

If you would like to keep the yes/no choice, and the text entry field on the same slide, you could probably design the interaction so that the question is optional (a feature for ungraded questions), and choosing yes/no triggers the text entry field to appear.

Can you share what you have so far so the community can give you some specific guidance?