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Jan 16, 2013

Has anyone experienced these issues with Stoyrline and the SumTotal systems LMS?

1.  Course always reports "Passed" even though "Completed/Incomplete" reporting publish option is selected.

(I have had to hand code the LMSAPI.js script to fix this. Wondered if this bug has been repaired in the new update)

2.  Even though my titles do not have a scoring or quizzing pages, I  get a 0 Score in the reporting.  There should be no score reported at all. 

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Dennis Hall

It`s been almost a year since administering SumTotal, however, I recall a setting in one of the course settings (forget which specific page) that lets you set pass/fail even though you published the course differently.

I recall this when I had the same issue on SumTotal 7.something while testing a Articulate Studio generated course.

Hope this helps.

Paul Zamora

In Storyline, like Articulate, in the Reporting Settings (when Publishing) there is the reporting tab that allows for different options.  Where I work we always use Completed/Incomplete, never Pass/Fail or the other options.

When I am publishing any title in Storyline, I use the Completed/Incomplete option and in SumTotal LMS it always reprorts as Passed/Incomplete.

This is a bug in the software I was hoping that might have been fixed.  I have a work around where I hand code the LMSAPI.js file and the LMS.js file.

I can force the reporting option but it should work using the publish tab (which BTW works fine in Articulate.)

The other error is even though my courses do not have any quizzes or questions or any scoring options, I still get a score of 0 in the LMS.  Again if I hand code the LMS.js file I can fix that too.  Again I was there was a better way.

thx for the reply,

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