Reporting progress percent to LMS

May 25, 2014


I have created a course in Storyline (great tool!), but I have a little problem with SCORM tracking.

In "publish" options, I can choose between tracking using quiz result and number of slides viewed, but it only send "Incomplete" to LMS.

I need LMS show progress percent, not only  0% and 100%

Can anybody help me?

Thank you!

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Jorge and welcome to Heroes!

If you're tracking by slides viewed, I would not expect a percentage other than 0 or 100% as Storyline won't send the completion information to your LMS until you've reached the last required slide. If you're using a results slide, it may depend on how the LMS interprets the progress of the course, or reads the data that Storyline sends

For most any LMS-related issue, this blog post is the place to begin.  You also want to be certain that you are packaging your published content properly for your LMS.  Also, be certain that you have contacted the Support Team for your LMS, since they are best-equipped to tell you what specific features are supported and whether or not you should be able to use the percentage display with a Storyline course..

If you wind up empty-handed after reviewing the links above, I would next recommend comparing the performance of your content at SCORM Cloud, which is an industry standard testing method for SCORM content.  If you cannot reproduce the problem there, this is likely an LMS-specific issue, and you will want to generate debug logs and supply them to your LMS Provider for additional troubleshooting.

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