Reporting quiz pass/fail driven by variables

I've built a course in Storyline based on a number of quizzes. Without getting too deep, the learner is presented with 4 challenges with about 10 questions per challenge. If they fail a challenge (scene with questions) they get another attempt (another scene with other questions) and the scores for the 2nd attempt are recorded. But if they pass first time then they get moved along to the next challenge. So learners can complete anything from 4 to 8 scenes based on how well they do.

To pass the course they must pass each challenge. So at the end of the course I have a score for each of the 4 challenges, a pass/fail for each and an overall course pass/fail result. Surely there's some way of using this to properly report back to the LMS a pass/fail for the course? All suggestions welcome!

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Brian McSkane

Hi Wendy,

Thanks very much for your reply. The only problem with this is if the learner passes a challenge on first attempt then they'll not need to complete it on 2nd attempt. If there was a result slide after each (1st and 2nd attempt) learners will get anything from 4 to 8 results slides completed.

I've tried pushing the learner down a pass path and fail path based on whether they've passed or failed the entire course. My plan was then to base the overall course result on the pass path so if they went down this route the overall course passed (it is based on a result slide on this pass route only that's set to pass). If they were sent down the fail route then they simply would bypass the slide that determines course pass fail. Unfortunately this didn't work on first attempt.

So is there a way of returning a course pass/fail based on the value of a pass/fail variable?

Wendy Farmer

Maybe I'm not understanding - your result slide at the end of each quiz  would allow them to retry the quiz if they failed on first attempt but it would be on second attempt it would register the result)

This is how I thought it would work

Quiz 1 Try - Fail, Retry, Pass - Pass result on Result Slide 1

Quiz 2 Try - Pass - Pass result on Result Slide 2

Quiz 3 Try - Fail, Retry, Fail - Fail result on Result Slide 3

Quiz 4 Try - Pass - Pass result on Result Slide 4

Combined result slide send combined score to LMS

Sorry if I am off base.

Brian McSkane

This is how it looks Wendy:

Quiz 1 - Attempt (scene) 1 - Result slide 1

Quiz 1 - Attempt (scene) 2 - Result slide 2 (only completed if learner fails 1st attempt)

Quiz 2 - Attempt (scene) 1 - Result slide 3

Quiz 2 - Attempt (scene) 2 - Result slide 4 (only completed if learner fails 1st attempt)

Quiz 3 - Attempt (scene) 1 - Result slide 5

Quiz 3 - Attempt (scene) 2 - Result slide 6 (only completed if learner fails 1st attempt)

Quiz 4 - Attempt (scene) 1 - Result slide 7

Quiz 4 - Attempt (scene) 2 - Result slide 8 (only completed if learner fails 1st attempt)

Your solution won't work in my case as it's impossible to know whether to include the result from the 1st or 2nd attempt for each quiz.

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Brian!

Would it be better to utilize a re-try from the result slide options versus another quiz with a different result?

By default, the Retry Quiz button appears whether the learner passes or fails a quiz, but you can change this behavior if you only want it to display when the learner fails. Here's how.

When you enable the Retry Quiz button on the result slide for a quiz, learners will have an unlimited number of attempts to take the quiz. But you can change this behavior by adding a variable to track the number of attempts and a couple of triggers to set a limit on the number of quiz attempts allowed. See this tutorial for details.

Brian McSkane

Hi Leslie,

Our client has given us specific sets of questions for 1st and 2nd attempt so unfortunately we can't use this method.

I've used a cocktail of the following and have sent off for publishing. I'll report back if it works - fingers crossed!

link4 link3 link2 Link1

Brian McSkane

Well, I managed to get the course to report the correct status (passed/incomplete) at the end depending on whether they pass the course (get all quizzes correct) or not using these instructions:

Regarding passing the variable values to the LMS it simply didn't work:

When the variable values are passed to the LMS are they then visible in the LMS as 'results'? I realise LMSs are all different but what are these variables seen as when they get passed to the LMS? Perhaps I need a 'Passed/Failed' report to the LMS?

I've just seen this (last line) - does this mean the LMS will get sent the question text and answers if we publish in Scorm 2004/Tin can?

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Brian!

Sounds like you are utilizing an unsupported method to get the results you need. It is true, as you can see in our article here, that with the regular data sent to the LMS you woul dneed to publish to SCORM 2004 or Tin Can API to get the question text. Not sure how that pertains to the solution you are utilizing. You may wish to reach out directly to James Kingsley here.

Brian McSkane

Hi Leslie,

I changed the settings to pass/fail (rather than passed/incomplete) and to report the results slide (rather than total number of slides). Now it reports back a 'passed' for the overall course regardless if the learner has passed or not. On the bright side it now shows details of the 4 sections and if they, individually have been passed or not.

I suppose this is the best option as although the overall course pass fail is not accurate, you can look at the individual sections and if all are passed then it's overall course pass. If any section is incorrect then it's an overall course fail. It's a bit roundabout but does work.

I will try going back to passed/incomplete but leave the reporting on the 'last slide' and see what happens. Wish me luck!

Brian McSkane

I'm hedging my bets on this article.

If the learner gets all the quizzes right then I'm directing them to slide A with the following javascript:  SetStatus("Passed")

If the learner gets any quiz wrong then I'm directing them to slide B with the following javascript:  SetStatus("Failed")

The course then proceeds with some slides and then exits.

I've no other instructions in the course to submit results etc.

On Tracking I've it set to 'Track number of slides viewed' which is set to a number that will never be reached.

On Reporting I've it set to 'Passed/Failed' but I suppose this will not matter due to the above javascript.

Am I on the right tracks or am I missing something (just waiting on publishing to test).