Reporting score to LMS issues

Hello everyone,

I am having issues reporting the Score % to the LMS. We are currently using TalentLMS. 

The course we are publishing is quite long because it is the simulation of our in-house software, created by recording it and then creating test scenes. The score for this course is not being reported to the LMS for some reason (the "results" variables show values on the last slide though). Funny thing is I created a copy of this project, reduced the number of slides just for testing, and this one does report the score to the LMS correctly - I didn't change any setting or slide. We are using SCORM 1.2 as Passed/Incomplete reported with the Results slide.

Could this be a Storyline issue, or LMS'? Everything runs correctly except for the score not showing on the complete course. The "Full" course's zip is about 110MB and the shortened version's is 40MB.

Thanks in advance.

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Miguelangel Faria


I contacted LMS support and shared both the long version (no score reported) and short version (score reported) of the course, and this is their reply;

"I had a look at your content together with our SCORM expert.

It seems that it sends the "completed" status with 0% score at the beginning, and then we don't change this score, no matter if the user gained a higher score.
Could you review the settings through Articulate and see if you can have it sending the "completed" lesson_status at the end?  "

As far as I can see from the slides and publishing settings, "Submit Results" only occur at the Results Slide at the end. I am publishing both using the "Passed/Incomplete" setting.

Is there something I am missing?

Thanks in advance.

Emily Ruby

Hello Miguelangel!

Articulate Storyline communicates course completion to a LMS as soon as the learner meets the completion requirement—i.e., either when they reach the designated quiz result slide or when they've viewed the required number of slides. Could you get the file down to 100MB and test it in the SCORM Cloud?

Emily Ruby


The report should be sent to your LMS once a user hits the results score, and not before. I ran a quick test in SCORM Cloud with a results slide, and if you leave the course before the end, it reports shows Unknown for the status.

Let us know if you get the same issue in the SCORM Cloud.