Reporting Text Entry to the LMS

Jan 09, 2019

Good afternoon,

I've been reading through the support discussion threads and I know this is a question that has been asked before, but the most recently I am seeing it asked is about a year ago. I just got Articulate 360.  I'm working on a survey that asks users to answer a series of Yes/No question and if they answer No, to fill in a text field with an explanation. I know that I can report on the Yes/No answers but I'm gathering that I won't be able to report on the text fields that I've included. I see the link with instructions on how to report these entries and it is extremely complicated. Is there still no way to just report on the content of those fields? If not, is there a reason why this hasn't been implemented? A majority of the users of this product are doing some kind of reporting on results, so to be unable to report on the entries is certainly an inconvenience to many of your customers.

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Leslie McKerchie

Hello Adriel and welcome to E-Learning Heroes :)

Thanks for reaching out and letting us know what you would like to create.

If you are creating a survey, there is no need to take the extra steps to send the variable to the LMS. 

If your LMS allows reporting on Survey questions, then you can just use the Short Answer question type as-is. 

I created a brief example that is attached and you can see in this image, that the typed values were recorded when necessary as well:

Angie Jensen

Hi Leslie,

Thank you for your response! I appreciate it. I had hoped to have all the information on one slide instead of sending them to another slide to put the information in. But, I do appreciate you showing me a way to get the information I need. I do wish there was a way to report on text entry fields.

Angie Jensen

Hi Leslie,

I created a survey using the format you suggested, and it still doesn't seem to be reporting anything back to the LMS. I've published it a couple different ways, one with tracking by completion just based on a singe button on the last slide, and one with tracking by completion of all the slides. I am wondering if I'm doing something wrong in how I publish it or how I'm scoring it but I just can't seem to figure out what I need to change in order to get the information to report back. Attached is the most recent Storyline file that I created. Can you advise if there's something I am missing?

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Adriel! Thanks for allowing me to take a peek at your file.

On the Short Answer slides, the "Submit Interaction" trigger comes after the "Jump to next slide" trigger. Triggers happen in the order they are listed, and the interaction doesn't have a chance to submit before the slide advances.

Fortunately, it's easy to fix! Simply move up the "Submit Interaction" trigger above the "Jump to next slide" trigger by clicking the up arrow. Do this for all of the Short Answer slides.

Test the course in your LMS again, and let me know if you see an improvement!

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Simon,

Thanks for reaching out and sharing what you would like to do. 

If you add a Print Results feature to your Results Slide, any of the text entry questions you've included on your result slide will be included when printing.

A print/download button specific to a text box sounds like a great task for the community to pop in and share if they've created a similar design.

Andrew Korobeynik

Hello! I try to use that method to take a report from numerous of text-entry field on one slide. 

This method does not work as we would like. 1) If you just change the "submit button" trigger, then the text entry value does not change to triggered value (the triggers are in the correct order). You must to remove the trigger for the Submit button and add your own Submit trigger. 2) you cannot hide slidesthis way. They still appear for a split second. 

How can I really hide the question slides?