Reporting the quiz score as a % to the LMS with multiple quizzes

Hi all,

I have a project with 3 paths based on the division (variable) of the employee. Each path has its own set of quiz questions (5 questions, 80% pass rate) and result slide. Employees are expected to complete one path and one quiz.

At the moment I have a 4th (hidden) result slide which combines the results from the three quizzes and sends the results to the LMS.

My pass rate on the quiz result slides is 80% however I had to set my ‘combination’ result slide pass rate to 25% (4 correct out of 15 questions in total / 26.66%).

This all works perfectly until we get to the LMS. On the LMS I can set the parameters to accept both % and pass/fail but I turned off the % as I didn’t want queries from users asking why they only scored 26%.

Is there a better way I can do this for similar future projects?

Thank you.

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