Repositioning Question Answers


I am trying to simple create two columns of answers to a multiple response question instead of the default one column. I thought I might have had it when I adjusted the dimensions of each individual answer within the overall surround box of the questions answers, but it seems glitchy and is always trying to revert back to the original one column. Is there an easy way to do this? Thank you!

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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Lee,

Honestly, I hadn't tried this before with a Multiple Response question (that I can remember). However, looks like it should work fairly well if you adjust the size of each answer and line them up on the slide. You'll want to adjust the answer objects and not the container. 

Here's how I set up one of these questions:

Here's how it looked in the end:

With a little adjustment, the answers line up pretty well. 

You mentioned yours seemed a little glitchy, though. If you're still having trouble with this, can you share a .STORY file that contains your Multiple Choice slide? 


Lee Millard

Hi again Christine!

It looks as though I've solved my issue (for now at least). It take some massaging, but I got the results I wanted (exactly what you showed in your post above). It seemed as if you need to make the container size a bit larger (to be safe, I made it the size of my slide then resized it after I adjusted the answer objects). The problem that I was running in to, which is why I mentioned "glitchy," was that if I hit undo, my answer objects were going back to their original size and ended up covering up other answer objects in the process. Yeah, this is a confusing one to explain. But, nonetheless, it seems to be working right now.

Thanks again!

Christine Hendrickson

Good morning Lee!

Glad to hear you were able to get it working :) 

That makes sense, if your responses are larger than the ones I used in my example. I had modified the font sizes so they weren't so large and so they would all be displayed on a single line. 

Good luck with the project and have a great day!


Ian Skuse

I found found that you need to make your bounding box bigger. The boxes will all stack under each other, get all of your answers in first, then create your right side column. 
• Adjust the bounding boxes for the answers (Check each state to ensure none of the boxes go outside the bounding box)
• If some of the answers have more lines of text then the others (i.e 2 lines vs. 1) turn off "Shuffle answers"  shuffling the answers will cause it to misalign or render weird.
• Check the text box properties for each answer and adjust the text box properties for the right side margins (I believe the default is 20px.) I set mine to Left: 20px, and all of the rest to 5px.

Hopefully this helps. it's def not quick and easy but works pretty good. If I find time I will post a file with an example