Republishing a SL2 to SL360 is causing jumping effect

I love the advice of republishing previous SL1 or SL2 courses to SL360 to take advantage of the additional features, but the first one I've tried appears to jump between transitions and some of the slides are off centered. It looks bad. I've tried all the different publishing options. I even went back and republished it in SL2 just to see if it was me, but it worked great in SL2. Any ideas on how to resolve this so I can use 360?

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Jessica, sorry to hear you're having these issues with republishing. First I'd like to make sure you're working locally and following the other file guidelines in this article. If you're working locally and still having trouble, would you mind sharing your Storyline 2 file here so I can test republishing to Storyline 360 on my end?