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Oct 08, 2014

I need to publish a SL1 file that is moderately large but not huge.  It will generate all 227 slides (157,000 KB) but will not complete the process.  I looked online and found that this can happen with a custom player so I reverted it back to the default - other than turning off the menu resources glossary etc.  That hasn't worked.  I've tried importing the slides into a new file and didn't touch the player and that didn't work.  I have already spent far more time than I have (days in fact) in trying to get this to work.  I need to get it out for testing.  I will be making revisions so I need to be able to consistently publish it.  Any suggestions?  I have also been  getting the message at times that it can't be saved there isn't enough memory - which our IT guys have declared isn't true.  I am beyond frustrated right now.

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