Require a code to be entered to begin a test.

We are thinking of having self-study materials that need to be completed with a test afterwards.  We want to have a code in the self-study materials that needs to be entered in the Storyline course so we know they at least looked at the self-study before attempting the test.  Can someone recommend the best way to set up the first page of the Storyline file so that they cannot advance until they enter the code from the self-study.

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Hi Michele, 

 You can create a blank slide with a text entry (Insert --> Controls --> Data Entry --> Text Entry field) at the center of the slide that says "Please enter the code to begin the test". Add a Continue button (a rectangle) that has a trigger that compares the value of the entered text (TextEntry) to the correct code. So, if the entries match, send them to the first slide or else, show a popup layer that says "Invalid code entered, try again" with a "close" button on the top of the popup layer.

Hope this helps.


Christie Pollick

Hi, Michele -- Thanks for your questions and I see that Raj has shared an idea to assist! Please let us know if that will do the trick for your needs. Also, while it's not necessarily for a 'code' but more references password-protecting a course, I thought I would share the following:

Hope that helps a bit! :)