Require user select each button on page before advancing to next


I want to have users select each of the 8 buttons on one particular page before being able to advance to the next page.  I think this can be done with variables and once the user clicked each button, I could have a "Next Page" button show up.  But I think I'm making it too complicated and I'm getting confused with the variables. Anyone have a simple solution that they can share with me?

Thank you!

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Harri S

Hi Brooke,

If you give all the buttons a 'visited' state you can set your jump to slide trigger on the condition that the buttons have been clicked.

(FYI you could also make a 'selected' state and this would work the same)

I've attached a quick mock up, 1 using a next button and 1 using the built in next button.

Hope this helps