Require user to answer quiz question in Storyline 2

Hi.  Searched for this answer but have not found it.  How can I set a quiz question in Storyline 2 to be required?  I have a multiple choice question that has this option in the "display" ribbon.  But I can't figure remember how I added it.  Now I want to add a multiple response question and have this same requirement, but I can't figure out how to add it.  Attached is an image of how it appears in the display ribbon for the multiple choice question.  Thank you!

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Jan Morris

Len, it's just a question within a course so we can track a response but we need it to be multiple response.  As you said, it does indeed automatically stop someone if they don't give a response, so no issue anymore.  Since I saw that option on a previous M/C question, I was thinking it was something I had to set, but I guess I don't.