Jul 27, 2015


I need to write requirements for the learners.
Can anyone tell me the requirements needed to view HTML5 courses published by storyline2?

Here are some requirements that I had for S1. Do I need to update any of them?

Windows XP, Vista and 7;
Mac OS 10.4 or latest

Minimum resolution 1024x768;
Disply color 16 ou 32 bits.

Supported browser :
Internet Explorer 6 or latest;
Firefox 3 or latest;
Safari 4 latest;
Chrome 6 latest.
Flash player version 8 or latest must be installed.
JavaScript must be activated.
Each station must be fitted with a sound card;
Speakers or headphones should be available.
Download speed: Each item must be able to download 50 KB / s or more from the Web.


Thank you!!

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