Requiring a pass mark to continue to next section

I'm wondering if anyone has some ideas that can help me get past a roadblock.

I have a course that consists of several .story files (referred to as modules in my LMS). Each one has a quiz, followed by the result slide, then a summary slide with two layers--one stating 'you still need to pass the quiz' if they failed, and the other saying 'continue to the next module'.

I've set up the restrictions that Jeanette suggested in the following tutorial using a true/false variable to regulate whether the summary slide is seen (and which layer on it is visible):

Here's the catch. I've restricted progress through the LMS-based modules so that all slides on the previous module need to be viewed before moving on to the next one. With the current setup, even reaching the 'you still need to pass the quiz' layer on the summary slide means that a learner can exit this module and continue on the the now-unlocked next one--they have, after all, seen the slide.

Setting up a branch to either a Success or a Failure slide won't work; if someone passes, they won't see the Failure slide and the next module won't be unlocked (based on the number of slides viewed).

Does anyone have a suggestion for how to keep the next module from being unlocked for someone who failed the quiz, but allow someone who passed to continue on?



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Garth Yorko

I found an easier way for you. 

On the results page, for the Success layer, I added some text with a trigger to advance to the next slide. 

On the failiure layer, I added different text with a trigger to return the the quiz. 

On the base layer I added a condition to the Next button that will only advance if the Results.ScorePercent variable is greater than or equal to the passing score.

I also hid the final page in the menu, so users cannot access the page unless they pass the test.  Unless you have other branching or optional pages in your course, this should work for you.

Allan Dunlop

Thanks very much for this, Gary!

It seems we were working on the same approach, although I hadn't thought of the option of adding a condition to the Next button. I just disabled it on that slide, leaving the 'Advance' button just on the success layer.

One thing I realized I hadn't done when I first tried all this was to add a 'reset results' trigger to the button that returns the learner to the course content (I opted to send them back for a review rather than just reattempt the quiz). Without that, when they got to the quiz again, all their original answers were still in place and they couldn't retake it.

I really appreciate the input here. It looks like I might be able to upload the rest of my modules tonight after all!