Requiring Layers...With a Twist

Hello All.

I have a client throwing a new one at me. He wants to require that on content all layers be viewed before the user can move on. Fine. I've done that. But he wants the user to have to return to the base layer before the Next button become enabled.

I know this is a ridiculous request. Still, I'd be happy to deliver it. But for the life of me I can't figure out how to require the user to close the layer before the Next button becomes enabled.

Any suggestions?

I've attached a sample file...

As always, many thanks!


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Wendy Farmer

Hi Eric

see if the attached update to your file works how you want.

I changed the triggers to set the variables on the layer when timeline ends instead of at 1.5 secs and moved the trigger to change state of next button from the slide to the return arrow on both layers.

I would set the 'click here' text box to disabled state so that users don't click on the words or else you'd need to add the triggers to the text box as well.

Hope this helps

Sample file updated after following post.

Eric Weisberg

Hi Wendy,

I'm quickly getting out my depth here. Your solution works perfectly when I preview a single slide. But I have six of these slides. And when previewed together, the solution only works on the first slide. On subsequent slides, the Next button is disabled for only the first layer. Once the first layer is viewed, the Next button is enabled.

Is it possible the variables are carried to subsequent slides?

Example attached.