Requiring users to visit all layers

Can I see your samples of how to require users to visit all layers on a slide before advancing to the next slide?

I have done what I was told to do and it's still not working:

  • Trigger on base layer says jump to next slide when user hits next IF each layer equals true
  • On each layer, it says to change the status to true when the timeline starts
  • Each layer says "Hide this layer when timeline ends"

But it continues to be the case that a user can click next from a layer or from the base slide at any time - even without visiting any layers - and advance to the next slide.

What am I missing? 

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Walt Hamilton

Here is a sample (Visit All Layers) that requires the user to visit all layers by clicking the NEXT button before advancing to the next slide.

Personally, I much prefer the elegance of the Navigation with Variables approach. I am highly in favor of learner sequencing, if at all possible. 

It visits slides, rather than layers, but the principles are the same, and all the triggers can easily be moved to layers.

Sophie Oberstein

Thanks so much, Walt. I'd love to see your sample but it's created in a newer version of Storyline than I have. 

Also, I totally agree with you about preferring learner sequencing. This one is just a favor for our legal department and they're pretty insistent that we do it this way. 

Take care.

Sophie Oberstein

This looks like it would be very helpful, but it's in a newer version of
Articulate than I have so I can't open it.

Thanks for trying to help, though.

~ Sophie

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