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Wendy Farmer
Mischelle Walters

But when I selected "Start Over" the slides all have the visited state

Open the project in Story View then Ctrl A to select all the slides in the scene (if you have more than one scene you would need to repeat this)

Once they are selected in the bottom right hand corner of the slide properties, change the revisit slide property to 'reset to initial state'.  If you have any slides where you need to resume the saved state (like a hub menu) you may want to leave those out. In my image - slide 1.3 is a hub menu so I want that one to remain 'resume saved state'

gg person

The problem with this is, if the learner fails,

The reset results on the Failure Layer of the Results slide has to be added, plus a trigger on the Failure layer

On the 1.3 Lessons screen, I would not want the resumed state when the learning is restarting.  I want the initial state so I think a reset variable is needed. on the 1.3 Lessons screen, and that reset has to be set for each button. Very tedious. I think this is how it should be done, but please correct me if I am wrong:

Create a restart variable = False

Change the state of (button name) to Normal; When timeline starts If Retry = value True

It would be great if there was something built in to Storyline that made this automatic.