Reset Attempts

Jun 11, 2019

So, I'm a new user and might be missing something easy. I have a storyline 360 training where I want to limit the number of attempts to answer a quiz question. If they get it wrong twice I want to send them back to a slide then return to take the quiz again. Is there a way to reset the attempts to have it (the quiz question) start over? I've tried adding a variable that takes them right to the slide and then back to the quiz and that seems to work but if they've exceeded their attempts, nothing seems to work then. It's probably something simple that I should know, but when they get any question wrong I wanted to direct to where the answer is and back to the question they got wrong and always have them do it unitl they get it right.

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Ron Price

Quiz Slides are designed to resume saved state.  So, when leaving a slide and returning, it will not reset by default, but instead, act as though it has already been answered.  One option is to adjust this behavior using the Slide Properties icon. You will want to change the setting from "Automatically Decide" to "Reset to Initial State".

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