reset Drag and drop when jumping to next slide

Hi all ,

I have created a few drag and drop questions, 

thought some how they act differently.

I want to allow the user to drag and drop his answers, And not to save the action, 

so when the user comes back to the slide, he can start again fresh, with no trails.

follow the link:

have a look at D&D on slide number 4, and on slide number 8 - somehow the act different

soory for the Hebrew, the 2 bottons on the bottom are prev and next

I will appreciate eny help, 


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Jeff Kortenbosch

Hi Itamar,

You can select manually how a slide should respond when a user returns. By default it is set to 'decide automatically' but you can also set it to 'initial state'.

You can find the setting in Story view when selecting your slide and changing the slide properties on the right side of your screen.