Reset Exam Attempt at SCORM Level

Hi Team!

Is there a way to reset exam attempts or reporting status at the SCORM level?

We have an exam that only has one attempt allowed. The exam froze and the SCORM session report shows them as incomplete, but it will not let them continue to finish the exam or take another attempt. Marking them complete in the LMS and then deleting completion does not fix this as it doesn't change anything in the SCORM reporting.

As of now, the only options I can think of are to:
1. Delete the SCORM file from the LMS a load it again.
- However this brings about a few inconveniences like having to download the exam reoprt as an excel file first to not lose anyone's records, do it at a time that is unlikely others might be taking the exam, and if this happens to other users we'd have to do this multiple times.

2. Add a transparent/hidden button somewhere only the global admins know about so we can add a trigger to reset the Exam.
- The inconveniences here are having to reset their password to log in as them, log in to the user's account so we can click the hidden button for them, email them about the reset password, and if this happens to other users we'd have to do this for each person.

Thanks in advance!

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Philip!

It sounds like your learners are getting stuck in the middle of taking an exam. Then, the LMS is not allowing the learner to re-open the course and complete the exam, is that right?

What happens if the learner switches web browsers? Can they re-open the course using a new browser?

On the Storyline side, there are a few things you can check to be sure the learner doesn't get locked out:

Beyond that, if you need to make adjustments to your LMS settings, you'll want to consult with your LMS administrator for next steps. 

Philip Deer

Hi Alyssa,

We've only had this happen to two users and each on a separate exam. The LMS lets them reopen the course, but they cannot move past the question they got stuck on or answer other questions.

We have one exam set at two attempts already.
- This one is set to always resume where left off, otherwise, we lose the ability to restrict to two attempts.

The other exam is set at one attempt because it is used for hiring employees in at a higher level title and higher pay rate.
- This one is also set to always resume where left off so no one goes in and tries to take it multiple times. Before this we had it as prompt to resume and we had a few users take it in-person proctored by a manager, then go home and take it multiple times themselves and end up getting a higher score and trying to tell us that was their first attempt and that they are ready to start at the higher level. We had to eliminate this possibility.

I emailed the LMs to see if it send info to notify of lost internet connection.
However, this requires a slight html adjustment, which I am not sure if we are comfortable doing since none of us are computer language literate.

It's not an LMS setting. It's the SCORM itself creating this issue.
Thanks for your help!

Leslie McKerchie

Thanks for the additional information Philip.

  • Is there anything in common with the two users that experienced the issue? Environment or browser perhaps?
  • How many is the course successfully working for?
  • Are you able to replicate the behavior in SCORM Cloud as well or is the issue limited to your LMS?

Would you be able to share your .story with our support team here so that we can take a look and attempt to replicate with your details?

Philip Deer

Correction., it was only one user affected. The other was a different issue.

Leslie, this SCORM file has had no issues with the other 50-60 people who have taken the exam.
The issue doesn't happen in SCORM Cloud. I will share the file but not sure it's worth it if it's only caused a problem for one person thus far.
Thank you!

Phil, we use Wisetail.
I have reached out to them as well to see if they can be of help.

As a side note:
The thing I have found very frustrating though is that we have had several issues lately that Articulate insists are LMS issues and they actually ended up all being Articulate issues.
It seems like Articulate wasn't really built for exams. We've had to come up with many workarounds to get our exams to function properly. The way we want our exams to function seems very logical, and I am surprised that there isn't an easy setup/solution that doesn't require so much back and forth communication plus trial and error to get set up and working.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Philip,

It looks like you may have discussed this issue with my colleague Michael as well. If it's only one learner whose stuck or attempts aren't being recorded that points to an issue with that individual learners account or how they're accessing it. I'd suggest following Phil's suggest to delete that individuals attempt and allow that to reset it. 

I'd also check what browser or device they're accessing the course on, and that it meets the requirements outlined here.

If we can be of any other help, don't hesitate to let us know!

Philip Deer

Hi Phil,

Michael Marcos from Articulate got back to me with some examples of what this might look like on other LMS systems.

Unfortunately, there isn't anything like this showing on the admin side of Wisetail for me at the moment.
However, I am waiting to hear back from them. Perhaps this is a feature they can turn on for us. If not, I will definitely request it as a future feature.

Thanks again to all for the help and support.
I appreciate you for being amazing community members!