Reset media but keep object states?

I have a menu slide with an audio introduction.  When the user clicks on each menu option, its state changes to Visited and the button grows a checkmark.  However, I'd like the audio to restart when users click back to this slide.  Right now, it saves the state and when they revisit the slide, sometimes it's halfway through a sentence in the intro.  How can I reset the audio each time without losing the checkmarks?

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Rebecca Shamblin

The button directs them to a new slide, which has an automatically-loading web object in it (it's actually a tutorial made from a new Story file).  The placeholder-web-object slide flips back to the menu slide when its timeline starts.  The users ends up with two browser windows - the menu, and the opened tutorial.

Rebecca Shamblin

I appreciate you taking the time!  Maybe this explains it better:

Menu slide

- Has buttons that lead to placeholder slides.

- When user clicks on button, button gets checkmarked

- Has an audio intro ("Here is the menu slide." etc.). 

- Will not automatically advance to any slides - waits for the user to pick

Placeholder slide

- Has a web object that opens a new window with a tutorial in it

- Immediately redirects to Menu slide after opening the new window

- Has no audio

There are actually 7 sets of menu slides & placeholders like this, and the user can click between them as desired.  That's why it's odd when they've been on a different one, and come back to this one and hear the second half of the intro.

Donna Morvan

Hello Rebecca,

If I am understanding it correctly, a workaround maybe is to put the audio on a separate layer on your menu slide. Add a trigger on the buttons in the menu to play the audio in those layers. Then you can just edit out the "layer properties" to reset to initial state so that when they click on it - the media plays from the start. This should not reset the state of your objects and should retain the visited state.

Hope this helps.


Annie Jean


If I had to do it I would probably put the audio file on a layer. Change the properties of the layer to "Reset to initial state" and set the properties of the base layer to "Resume saved state".

Then, add a trigger to the base layer saying Show layer with audio when timeline of the slide starts. Add a trigger on the layer including audio saying Hide this layer when the timeline of the layer ends.

Hope it helps and have a nice day!


Lisa Heyden

I'm using a box with a transparent fill to prevent users from scrubbing video. I'm using states to hide the box when the media completes. I want the user to be able to scrub the video when revisiting the slide.

This used to work, but now it looks like the state of the rectangle is being reset to normal when revisiting the slide.

What can I do to fix this?

Wendy Farmer

Is your slide set to 'resume saved state' on revisit?

Here is a sample 2 slide file.  Video on the first slide has a transparent overlay that is triggered to hidden state when media completes. So at the end of the video it can then be scrubbed whilst on the slide or if you go to the next slide and come back it is still available for scrubbing.  The slide properties with the video are set 'to resume saved state'.

Lisa Heyden

Ok, so here's my problem. I basically have no next button. I'm using when the media completes to move forward to the next slide.

Here's essentially what I want:

The user cannot move forward in the presentation until the video has completed. At that point, I want the slide to automatically advance. The user can go backwards but not forwards. I'd like them to not be able to scrub the video until after they've watched it completely. Upon revisiting, I'd like them be able to move freely through the video and to other slides that they've already viewed.

Any ideas as to the simplest way to make this happen?

Thanks so much for your help!


Lisa Heyden

Ok, so I think I figured this out, but I will need to make 42 true false variables to do it.

  • The variable becomes true when media completes
  • rectangle is hidden when when timelines starts AND variable is true
  • jump to next slide when media completes
  • reset slide to initial state on revisit

So far so good. I'll keep you posted.