Reset only incorrect answers when retaking test?

Hi, I'm working with a division within my company that is expressing frustration over a quiz at the end of a lengthy course. I've done research looking to see if there was a way for the user to only re-take the questions that are incorrect, however it seems to not be supported by Storyline. Is there a way to have quiz states reset to a blank slate only if the question answered was incorrect? I've done all that I can in removing the answer shuffling, putting letters in front of answers and more, however they keep seeking more and more to make their ending test easier. Any help given to make this work will be great, it's only 10 questions but it is all at the end of a 30 minute forced audio course. 

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Jennifer St. Amand

Hi Leslie, I don't mean to hijack Jonathan's post...but I was wondering if someone from your Staff could re-upload the "source" file that Jeanette shared in the thread that you linked to above.  Whenever I try to download it, I get an error.  It's downloading as an HTML document, rather than a .story file.  Thank you!

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Jennifer,

No worries about hijacking a thread - you can always pop in. 

I didn't get an error downloading the file that Jeanette shared, and have reattached it here. Can you test it in a different browser or even check with your IT team to see if there are particular security settings you could change?