reset Question pool in SL2

Hi, sry for my bad english.

I have a project with a question pool of 100 questions and i will 10 of 100 questions in every start of the test. No problem until there. But when im at the result side and will restart the Quiz, at every time the same 10 Questions will come. They are reseted but they are the same 10 Questions from the pool of 100. At the result side i reset the questions with the trigger. And now the problem. In Flash there is no problem. At new start of the Quiz, new Questions from the pool will be there. In html5 there is everytime the same 10 questions from the pool of 100. I hope u understand what i mean. I tested the quiz in sl360  and there it works with html5 ... new questions from the pool when i reset the results. But i can´t use 360 for my project. Too much changes because the quiz is just a small part of the project. I have many random parts developed in js and css changes for the player. And all that doesn´t work when i change to 360.

Can someone help me plz with a workaround?

Ohhh one last thing. To use flash is not the answer. My customer doesn´t want flash.


Greetings Sandro

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Sandro,

Thanks for your question! Take a look at your Trigger Panel on your Results slide. You'll want to move the Reset Results trigger in the trigger panel on top of the Jump to slide trigger for the "Retry button." In other words, the Reset Results trigger will be first, and the Jump to slide trigger will be second. You may see some repeats, as it is drawn randomly each time, but you shouldn't see the same 10 questions that way. Let me know if this helps!