Reset Quiz Attempts When Attempts Are Limited

Hi Team!

So, we created an exam in QM and imported it into SL to add some custom functionality. We have it set to two attempts which is tracked by variables and is working well.

However, we had a user who submitted the second attempt accidentally when they weren't ready yet. How can we reset the attempt for a single user when this happens?

I'm sure it will probably happen again since we have about +/- 1200 people per year who will take this exam.

Thanks in advance!

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Philip!

What resume behavior did you select before publishing this course? If you selected "Prompt to Resume", learners have the options of starting over from the beginning, and the quiz attempts will be reset.

There also may be a way to reset the course in your learning management system--reach out to your LMS administrator to find out what options are available!

Philip Deer

Hi Alyssa,

We have it set to automatically always resume where left off.
This is the only way we found we could keep people from taking it more than the maximum allowed number of attempts. We use this exam for promotion eligibility and need to restrict attempts.

The LMS would require us to delete the completion record which would remove all previous attempts.

It seems like it's another one of those things no one has an easy solution for if I understand correctly.