Reset Quiz Results without a Formal Quiz Results Slide?

Dec 09, 2016

Is it possible to reset quiz slides without a formal "quiz results slide" being inserted?

Or, is it possible to convert an existing slide to a quiz result slide?

(We had a developer create a quiz result slide that isn't a "quiz result slide.")

Or is the answer "create-copy-paste"

I should mention that there are a large number of these, which is why I'm asking.


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Alyssa Gomez

Hi there Keith! Resetting quiz slides without a formal 'quiz results slide' is possible, but it's probably going to require more work than you're looking to do. You would need variables on all of your quiz slides, and I'm not sure how that would affect reporting to an LMS. 

If you do need to report data to an LMS, then the easiest (and most reliable) thing to do is use the built-in results slide. In that case, I would copy paste the elements from your custom slide to the built-results slide. Using the built-in slide will ensure your reporting is accurate.

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