Reset Quizzes without result slide


I created a sample project that is designed exactly like my main project. The issue I'm having is resetting the quizzes. Here's what I'm trying to achieve.

The learner will go through modules, enter into a lesson, and right afterwards take a quiz. I also want the learners to be able to revisit modules in case they have the need to retake the course and see if there's any information they missed or need to take a note of. With that said, that's the easy part. 

How do I reset the quizzes without a result slide? Most of my modules have two quizzes max. It would be pretty tacky to have a result slide telling the learner they got 100% for just two questions. (This is my limitation per my work's instructions to have two questions after the lesson)

Attached is a sample file of how my project work flow is.

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