Reset result trigger not working with question banks?

I have an issue in HTML5

The trigger "reset results" does not work when i use a question bank. I have a button wich has two triggers:

1.- reset results slide

2.- return to the beginning of test

Whit questions banks, the trigger 1 makes that the button does not work (in a normal slide quis it works)

I've tried to "reset state" in every slide and wors but then, te review does not work correctly (can't see the blue dot, can't advance)

Any suggestions? Is that an issue with questions banks?

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Ian Jaffe

I am seeing something very similar to this issue; possibly the same thing.

I am testing a short assessment using a question bank, and I have the retry and review buttons enabled. 

In testing the retake functionality I am failing the quiz the first time through by answering all questions incorrectly.  Then I am hitting the retry button and answering all questions correctly.  If I exit at this point I am fine, complete and 100% score in the LMS. 

If I hit the review button after the second passing attempt all of the review results are from the first failing attempt and when I get to the end of the review my score is now reset to 0. Then when I exit the LMS is showing a completion with a score of 0%.

So something with the reset definitely seems off.

If what I am reading here is true I should for now be able to work around this by using slide questions instead of question banks, correct?  If so I will try that next.

Ryan DeWitt

Hi Peter, was this issue ever resolved with SL2?, our question banks are not resetting when using the Restart Course Command in HTML5 and slides are set to Reset to Initial State. 

The same questions appear upon reset, only a browser refresh resets the questions yielding new random questions. 

Thanks for the update.