Reset results only incorrect answer - apart from final attempt


I'm making a module with an assessment which I have configured to let the learner have 3 attempts using the retry button and variables, before they have to resit the whole module instead of just trying the test again.

We want them to resit only incorrect answers for the first 3 retrys, but if they fail 3 times and have to resit the module, when they then come back to the test we want them to have to do the whole assessment again.

However, it seems that even though I have 3 different reset buttons and triggers on 3 different layers, the 'Only reset incorrect answers' option seems to apply to all, so I can't switch it off for the 3rd fail screen. If I switch it off on that one it switches off for all.

Is this possible or does it apply to all because they're based on the same assessment and results screen?



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