Reset Results.Score variables?

Is there an easy way to reset the Results.Score variables?

I have a HOME button at top that a student can click at any time to return to a main menu. However, if they had already started the practice exercises and scored points, when they click to the home menu and start the practice session again, the 'Results.ScorePoints' variable does not reset. I have tried several triggers but can't figure it out.

Let me know if that doesn't make sense and I can demo in a screencast.

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Jesse Spinella

If you're on the slide with the results, and you click on the variable window (little x on the bottom right corner of the triggers area), you can put a default number into any of your varaibles that are numbers. It'll start off with whatever number you put into it and add new values based on your trigger.

Michael Rosenberger

I am not sure I understand. Results.ScorePoints tracks continuous points during the practice. I am hoping to be able to have a trigger that when they click the home button that it resets the variable. As it is now, if they start the practice questions, then click the home button, then start the practice again, the Resutls.ScorePoints still retains points from the previous session.

Michael Rosenberger

I have tried the Reset Results trigger. I notice the Rerty Button that is default on the Results slide used it. However, it does work and doesn't work. I "believe" it might reset the variable, but for some reason my read of Results.ScorePoints still shows it has a value. Here is a screencast of the anomoly.

So I tried to Reset Results and I've made sure that the slides reset to initial state upon revisit. I don't understand how my read/print of %rResults.ScorePoint% is holding the point value.

Thanks for the suggestions and help.

Sij X

Hi Nancy and Michael, 

Since it has been almost a year, I wanted to revisit this thread. Similar to Michael, I am using "%Results.ScorePoints%" to track "Points so far on each slide" (bottom right corner). 

At the end of the quiz, if you've failed, I'd give you a retry button. When you click on the retry button, I want the "Score so far" to start again from zero but it carries on from where it left off in the previous attempt.

Any thoughts, guys?

Daniel Johnson

I'm having the same issue.  This is what I see when I return to this quiz after failing the first time.  Everything is reset to normal except my points variable.  I have a trigger to reset the variable when the timeline starts.  Also tried triggering a variable reset from my "continue" button on the result layer.

Returning to the quiz after failure...