Reset Results Trigger (no Results page)

I have a 2 attempts drag & drop activity. No results page. Everything is working except that the quiz is not resetting to start. (My choices are still displayed.) I don't think this is a bug. I think it's an operator (me) error.

Do I need to set the Reset Results trigger on the Quiz page? What kind of condition do I need to create?

A long weekend of work; my brain is running on fumes.

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Kelly Kremin

Thank you, Rebecca. I appreciate your time, attention and your link.

I've passed my alpha draft on to a colleague. Happily for me, he and I will be able to have a brief, screencast-free discussion. And I should get to understanding.

I'm a learner who finds the screencasts often frustrating.

I will view your tutorials once I know what I'm supposed to do. (Sounds backwards, but, it works for me.)

Kelly Kremin


My quiz still isn't working the way I want it to. So, I need some help!

The quiz doesn't reset automatically. That is, because within the quiz I set attempts at 2, I get a try again layer as well as a correct and incorrect layer. When I click the try again button, I see my previous answers.

I do not use a results layer. (I don't like it for a single question interaction.) So, I need to embed all of my code in the quiz slide and it's 3 layers.

Do I need to count attempts with a trigger if I've set the quiz question itself to 2 attempts?

I don't see a reset results option with my setup for a drag & drop freeform quiz. Am I missing a setting hiding in plain sight or do I need to create that particular trigger?

Is there anything here in the forums that you're aware of where *details* about what to do are within a forum message?


Kelly Kremin

I should add that on the Try Again layer there's a Hide Layer trigger if user clicks the Try Again button. I can add a new trigger to that Try Again button - Reset Results. But there's nothing for me to assign it to. So, it sits in the Trigger pane unassigned and red. (So, it needs me to assign it to something.)

Argh - so close and yet so far.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Kelly,

Sorry to hear you're still having trouble - I know you mentioned, that you don't like to watch Screenr's to learn how to do something, so I thought a link to this thread might help you. There is even another example from Rebecca.

If you'd like to share your .story file here we can also look at how you're settings are and make any modifications or suggestions to help out. 

Kelly Kremin

So, about 24 hours later everything is working for me except for my counter trigger. It's never reaching 2 and so I'm never out f the "try again" loop. I just need to set it correctly and that should be that. (Happily, the quiz is resetting every time.) It's operator error, for sure.

I will take a look at the link; thank you.

With regard to the screencasts - and NOT thinking about any one in particular - those things are a real mixed bag at least as far as my experience goes. (I would rather read & follow a 5 step procedure than watch something that's all over the place because we're all really enjoying this new way to share information with one another.)

I've incorporated screencasts into some of my e-learning. I'm careful to plan it and storyboard it. (Not suggesting its the best stuff ever; just asserting that I impose a plan upon myself.)

Thanks for your help,

Kelly (aka Bah Humbug)