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Jul 08, 2019

Hi Guys,

I've been grappling with a situation and trying to find a fix. I have one variable for the project and the value of it is set to 30 to work as a quiz timer. The timer works well for the first slide where it pauses automatically if the user submits the answer and it also starts from where it left when the user hits "try again".

But on the next slide there is a manual trigger to set the value of the timer to 30 when the timeline starts. The user has to answer questions and if the answers are wrong the user should get unlimited attempts till the timer reaches 30 upon which it will automatically move to next slide.

The slides are set to "switch to initial state upon revisiting" and this is causing the timer to reset to 30 every time the user hits try again.

The only possible workaround that I can think of is to create a bunch of variable all with the same properties and use one variable for one slide only but that would mean that for every quiz slide I would have to create a new variable.

Is there any way to work with just one variable?

The file is attached for your review.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.



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Jerry Beaucaire

The one countdown timer variable per slide is the way to go.  It feels cumbersome, of course, but this kind of per-slide-surgical-control means it is needed.  And it's easy to manage, even though it is time-intense.

  1. Set a timer variable per slide.  Set them all to 30 second as a default so you don't need a trigger to do it that might misbehave later.
  2. Variables are stored outside individual slides, so the "set to initial state" should not reset your countdown timers if you set up individual timers for single use on each slide.
  3. On each slide you can have the slide auto-advance when the timer runs out, another approach is to hide (cover) the answers when the timer runs out with a "time's up" message, so they advance manually.   The trigger you use should make the coverup box visible when timeline starts for the slide if the countdown timer = 0, this way the coverup is retained if they return to the slide later.   Let them advance manually.


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